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With the "Desert Pokey" expansion set (71363) and the swinging hammer, fans can add a great additional challenge to the LEGO® Super Mario ™ starter set. This fantastic gift for children includes a desert backdrop as a building model, a hammer platter that LEGO® Mario ™ can use to smash its cactus-like adversary Pokey piece by piece, as well as a Monty Mole as another figure to be defeated and virtual coins to collect. Note: The LEGO® Mario figure is not included, but belongs to the “Adventure with Mario ™” starter set (71360).

App fun

There is also a free LEGO® Super Mario ™ app for this unique play set. It contains cool functions for zooming in and rotating the digital model view to make building easier, suggests creative building and play options, and serves as a safe platform for exchanging models.

LEGO® Mario ™ action fun in the real world!

The collectible LEGO® Super Mario ™ playsets bring a video game character that is very popular with families into the real world, let children play wonderfully alone and also enable exciting group competitions. The starter set, the expansion sets and the suits allow fans to individually design their own game level in order to experience limitless creative fun.

Children can add “awesome” action fun to their LEGO® Super Mario ™ starter set “Adventure with Mario ™” with the “Desert Pokey” expansion set (71363) and compete with their friends.

This set contains a hammer platter with which the LEGO® Mario ™ figure (not included in the set) can knock over the Pokey (a cactus-like construction figure) piece by piece. There is also a Monty Mole as an additional figure that must be defeated to get more coins.

When the LEGO® Mario ™ figure, which is not included, is placed on the hammer platter, music will sound, and when it jumps on one of the 3 functional bricks in this building set for children, LEGO® Mario reacts differently.

This creative 180-piece LEGO® play set is a great birthday or Christmas present for children from 6 years of age who own the “Adventure with Mario ™” starter set, because it inspires them to build and design their own levels.

In the basic configuration, the module is 12 cm high, 21 cm wide and 12 cm deep. However, it can be rebuilt as desired and combined with the starter set and other LEGO® Super Mario ™ expansion sets.

No batteries are required for this playset. Simply combine it with the “Adventure with Mario ™” starter set to make the game even more exciting. The set comes with easy-to-understand assembly instructions so that children can get to work confidently and on their own.

The free LEGO® Super Mario ™ app contains digital building instructions and suggestions for creative ways to play. It also serves as a secure platform for exchanging ideas. A list of compatible Android and iOS devices is available at

Collectible LEGO® Super Mario ™ building and play sets bring an iconic video game character into the real world. They allow fans to expand and remodel the sets as they wish to create countless challenges that can be mastered alone or with friends and family.

Little builders can put the LEGO® bricks together or separate them without the strength of a superstar! Since 1958, the stones have met the highest industry standards so that they are always uniform and compatible.

LEGO® bricks and parts are subjected to every imaginable test so that every LEGO® set meets the highest global safety and quality standards.

This set contains digital building instructions. Now you can simply follow the individual steps on your mobile device or download the printed assembly instructions as a PDF file.

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